I am certain of one thing: that my images utterly fail to do this majestic place any justice. This place is not in Zion, it is not the Narrows or even truly like it in anything more than a merely superficial way. It’s like a utopian fantasy land from another dimension, or another time. After 4 days of trekking, @alanbrockimages and I ventured into this realm where canyon walls towered monumentally overhead, curving inwards over us like a giant tidal wave of stone. Beneath these glowing walls grew thousands of electric yellow wild grapevines, snaking their way down the canyon walls forming streams of color, laden with bushels of wild grapes. They reached down and climbed up again, crawling their way up the largest and most bizarrely shaped Cottonwood trees either of us had ever seen. The Cottonwoods themselves were towering over us like giants with outstretched arms, laden with their own vivid displays of autumnal color, and surrounded by beds of glowing yellow leaves in pristine reflected light. The smell of fall was everywhere, and the sounds of roaring waters were ever present in our ears. We hadn’t seen a soul in days, and this place brought us to tears and to laughter around every bend, for around each bend lay a new scene of utopian beauty that was more diverse and wild than we could have imagined. The deer were everywhere. Millions of their tracks formed perfectly worn paths throughout the dense willows that blanketed the banks of the river. It made traversing this wild terrain a bit easier, for we would simply follow in the footsteps of wildlife everywhere we went. The deer seemed to stare at us asking, what are these strange two-legged beasts, and why are they in our domain? When will they leave? Too soon, my friends. Too soon.

October 2017

Intrepid 4×5″ Field Camera

Fujifilm Velvia 100 4×5, Fujinon W 180mm ƒ/5.6 lens